The Power Of Vision Of Self

Everyone has a Vision Of Selfwhether they've defined it or not.  

It’s your constant thoughts and focus.

It's the way you see yourself.

It's what you tell yourself.

It's your aspirations (intentions, goals, dreams) or lack thereof.

It's your fears.

It's the limitations you place on yourself, those repeat negative thoughts.

These are the things that dictate who you are, who you become, and how you navigate and feel in the process of your individual life journey. What you tell yourselfyou often believe about yourself. Beliefs become a self fulfilling prophecyyour reality. 

What are you telling yourself each day? Where are you focusing your thoughts?

The average person has 6,000 thoughts each day and 91% of those thoughts are exactly the same as the day before. This can work for or against you. It works for you if your thoughts are positive and helping you cultivate a better life. It works against you if your thoughts are negative or holding you back. The good news is that if you change just 10% of your thoughts, you can dramatically change your life. Research also shows we become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, just by writing them down.

So then why wouldn't you write down positive thoughts, desires, and focus your energy on what you want to feel, change, achieve or manifestas often as possible?! 

When you write things down on paper and wear it inside of Vision Of Self jewelryyou intentionally focus your thoughts and help direct your energy and actions where you want them each day through constant reminder. Every time you feel or glance at your Vision Of Self necklace or bracelet it's an opportunity to connect with your note to self, give energy to it, and keep it top of mind. Through sustained mindfulness and focus, you unlock more of yourself each daygetting you closer to the life you envision.