We're Changing Our Frequency, and So Should You!

Fashion is all about expressing who you are. It’s not just a representation of your style, it’s a reflection of who you are—on the inside.

A Vision Of Self we love a flex, but we’ve decided that if our jewelry doesn’t serve us any benefits, it isn’t worth having.

We’re changing our frequency—style & substance only!

Right now we’re all about making things happen, and looking and feeling good while doing so. We’re embracing self-love and personal development.

We’re no longer talking ourselves out of opportunities because we don't feel like we’re "ready" or dont know where to start.

From now on, we’re writing down what we want—our wishes, our intentions, our goals, our dreams, our affirmations. Whatever matters.

And, we’re going to keep our note to self close to our heart each day—no matter where we go. Because when we focus our thoughts, energy and actions where we want them, our mindset changes and positive things begin to happen.

We’ve got a vision and it requires our undivided attention…because anything is possible.