How To

1. Decide exactly what to write, focus on, manifest, or stay connected to:  intentions, hopes, goals, dreams, mantras, affirmations, self-love, gratitude, prayers, special notes, etc.

2. Write it down on VOS intention paper (+ reminder cards): this provides clarity, focus, and gives life to your thoughts and words—making them concrete and tangible while activating your unconscious mind.

3. EMBODY, PROTECT and EMPOWER it with Vision Of Self: place inside the barrel and keep it close. Wear it as your reminder, commitment, and connection to your intentions, keeping their feeling and energy alive within you.

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The Vision Of Self Barrel Locket

Every Vision Of Self jewelry piece features a stylish barrel locket that screws open and closed, serving as a sacred chamber for your personal & private handwritten notes on intention paper, while discretely making each piece of jewelry unique and personalized.

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Intention Papers

5 premium intention papers are included with each Vision Of Self piece. Personalize your jewelry with a private handwritten messages to yourself or someone special, roll it up, place inside the barrel and take it everywhere.

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Reminder Cards

5 premium reminder cards are included with each Vision Of Self piece. Write down personal notes to self and keep them on your nightstand, desk, or somewhere visible as a connection and reminder of your intentions.

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The Details

Every Vision Of Self jewelry piece includes:

  • Premium gift box with signature ribbon
  • Premium Suede pouch
  • Five (5) Premium intention papers
  • Five (5) Premium reminder cards

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