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It’s easy to break promises, but you have to be intentional about keeping the ones you make to yourself. How many have you let slip away? Do you write them down? Do you maintain commitment and connection to them? That’s where the real magic happens. 

Vision Of Self allows you to self-personalize your jewelry with special handwritten notes to self, while empowering you through intentionality and embodiment—wearable reminder, active meditation, positive affirmation, and transformative connection to your inner strength—keeping you focused, inspired, and in the feeling and energy of your intentions and desires at all times.

How It Works

Write It Down

Backed by Research

Writing things down on paper, such as your intentions, goals, and dreams, is a simple yet profound action that provides clarity, focus, and gives life to your thoughts (think planting a seed)—making them concrete and tangible while activating your unconscious mind.

And there’s a permanence to paper that has an effect on your brain and emotions. Think historical documents, famous journals & diaries, love letters, protest signs and things that are burned into our collective conscience because they were written down.

Designed for Your Mind and Body

Our line of efficacious jewelry was developed with insights from global mind-body leaders and evidence based research studies to bring you intentional jewelry for elevated mindfulness, motivation, manifesting, and fulfillment.

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Our Story

Vision Of Self was conceived by multi-hyphenate creator and New York City native, Bernard Smith, during a personal journey of self discovery, self improvement, and self fulfillment. After spending most of his life in the thick of NYC and the fashion industry, Bernard sought new beginnings by embarking on solo travel across Latin/South America. It was there that he created the first Vision Of Self barrel to help re-align his energy, guide his focus, and keep him deeply connected to his intentions, goals, and dreams each day.

A story about the embodiment of future self, manifesting desires, and the exploration of human possibility and self discovery.
V O S |pronounced bohs| Spanish Pronoun: You
Easily recontextualized and self-personalized over and over again using a pen and paper, each Vision Of Self piece is designed to be as unique as its wearer—challenging, inspiring, and empowering them to deepen and sustain connection to personal notes and intentions for elevated mindfulness, motivation, manifesting, and fulfillment.

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