Different factors can influence the condition of our jewelry. All gold plated jewelry will eventually fade and sterling silver will tarnish over time, but it will occur faster if it comes into contact with agents such as skin creams, hairspray, perfume, salty air, chlorine, sulphur, and acidic skin ph. Avoid all substances that aren’t PH neutral. The amount of tarnishing (or oxidation) that occurs is contingent upon the care habits and skin of the wearer. That said, tarnishing is not a manufacturing fault. You should also protect your VOS by avoiding extreme temperatures, constant banging, and scratches to diminish wear.

We highly recommend removing your jewelry before bathing in freshwater, chlorinated water and sea water. You should avoid spraying perfumes and applying creams directly to the jewelry. Even if you’re sure your jewelry hasn’t been exposed to any of the listed substances, keep in mind it has been in contact with your skin, which perspires.

Your VOS should be carefully stored away from natural sunlight and heat inside the provided VOS pouch. Do not store in the bathroom.