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Be Intentional

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It’s easy to break promises, but you have to be intentional about keeping the ones you make to yourself. Personalize the Vision Of Self barrel with a handwritten note to self and keep it close. Deepen connection and sustain commitment to your intentions, goals, dreams, or personal practices.

Go Deeper

How To

1. Decide what to write, manifest, or stay connected to:  intentions, hopes, goals, dreams, mantras, affirmations, self-love, gratitude, prayers, special notes, etc.

2. Write it down on VOS intention paper (+ reminder cards): this provides clarity, focus, and gives life to your thoughts and words—making them concrete and tangible while activating your unconscious mind.

3. EMBODY, PROTECT and EMPOWER it with Vision Of Self: place inside the barrel and keep it close. Wear it as your reminder, commitment, and connection to your intentions, keeping their feeling and energy alive within you.

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Backed by Research

Designed for Your

Mind and Body

Our line of efficacious jewelry was developed with insights from global mind-body leaders and evidence based research studies to bring you intentional jewelry for elevated mindfulness, motivation, and fulfillment.

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A New Era of You

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Vision Of Self is a story about the embodiment of future self, manifesting your desires, and the exploration of human possibility and self discovery.

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