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Remember when you wanted to focus on you, hold on to promises, or gift something special? With Vision Of Self you can do that and more.

Personal, efficacious, intentional

A new philosophy on jewelry, Vision Of Self is a versatile, stylish, and purposeful expression. One piece can carry so much meaning. Our jewelry can be used as a unique locket (to hold whatever you choose) or a tool to empower your story.


by You

The hidden message inside says it all. Personalize your Vision Of Self barrel with handwritten promises, names, notes, memories, goals and more. Let it become a part of you—wear it as a constant reminder, a symbol of commitment, or a tangible connection to the words you inscribe on Vision Of Self Intention Papers.

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Be More Intentional

How To

1. Decide what to write, manifest, or stay connected to: intentions, promises, goals, dreams, memories, prayers, mantras, personal notes, or whatever you choose.

2. Write it on Vision Of Self Intention Paper: writing it down provides clarity, focus, and gives life to your thoughts and words—making them concrete, tangible, and 42% more attainable.

3. Embody it with Vision Of Self Jewelry: carry it inside your jewelry, creating a meaningful attachment. Let it become a part of you. It's not just about what you write; it's about what you truly feel and stay connected to.

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Mind and Body

Developed with insights from global mind-body leaders and evidence based research studies, Vision Of Self helps you get closer to becoming who you want to be. Your future self is depending on your present self.

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