4 Questions With... Supermodel & Music Artist Soo Joo Park

The longtime, global ambassador for Chanel and L'Oreal Paris spoke with VOS about manifesting her new music career and shared her solution to feeling lost several years ago. Best known for her signature blond lochs - Soo Joo's walked the runway for every major fashion house and has been the campaign face for Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Tom Ford, DKNY, and BVLGARI to name just a few.

IG: @soojmooj

1. What's your vision of self for 2022?

For the year ahead, I hope for more adventures and memories that will make me stronger as an individual and as a woman. I haven’t done my specific “vision board of goals” just yet—and it’s a private one, anyway :)


2. What’s a mantra, affirmation or short quote that you like to stay mindful of?

Mantra: remain grateful for your body and your mind for being a vessel


3. Which of the following have you set intentions for…Personal growth? Self care? Gratitude? Spirituality? Career? Health? Relationships? Life goals and dreams? Family/friends?

Three years ago, I began writing a list of dreams and goals I wanted to achieve—it made me a little self conscious to physically write out very self-centered accomplishments that were about growth and wealth, but I’d been feeling really lost. It kind of became my guide through my life, a reference…and uncannily enough, most of them have come true! I’m a firm believer in vision boards and manifestation.


4. What’s one thing you’ve manifested in your life?

I hoped that I’d find an opportunity to perform my music.