How to Manifest Love, Wealth, Health & more with VOS

We all have the power to create our reality or change our lives. Manifesting your dreams, or achieving your goals, all starts with intentions and tapping into the mind-body-spirit connection, and there’s no better way to start than by writing down what you want, even if you don’t know where to begin.

Sure, you could write them down in your diary, which sits by your bedside all day, or on a Post-it note, which you leave on your fridge. But have you ever thought about forging a close connection with them by writing them down on intention paper, and embodying them when you wear them inside your jewelry? Probably not, until now. Our heightened physical and mental manifestation method allows you to carry them around, close to your heart or pulse, where it serves as a symbol of reminder that helps you sustain focus and connection to your dreams everywhere you go. 

What do I manifest? 

You have to focus on an idea. Think about what area of your life you want to improve - is it your finances? Your love life? Your health? Body goals? Self esteem? Negative thought patterns? To get started, first focus on an area of your life, before coming up with an intention, affirmation or mantra. Here are some ideas that you can write down on your VOS intention paper or reminder cards to help get you started manifesting in different areas.

Manifesting love

“I am now loved and loving.”

“I have now found my soulmate and we are happily together.”

“I am now happy with the love in my life.”

“I am so happy and grateful now that I have an abundance of love in my life.”

“I am now attracting deep love.”

“I am worthy of love.”

“I am worthy of receiving the love I give.” 

“I have all the self-love I need.” 

“I now love myself.” 

“I am making progress in all of my personal relationships.”

Manifesting happiness

“I am safe and everything is good in my world.”

“I allow myself to feel happiness and gratitude every day.”

“I know how to achieve my potential.”

“I believe in myself and my talents.”

“I am shifting my thoughts to think positively every day.”

“I honor my gifts.”

 Manifesting wealth

“I am now wealthy.”

“I am now healthy, wealthy and wise.”

“My life is full of abundance, and I give back at every chance I get.”

“I now make $____ a year working my dream job.”

“I am grateful I have a job that allows me to live a happy life, full of abundance.”

“I am destined to achieve my dreams.”

 “I am surrounded by prosperity and abundance.”

 Manifesting health

“I am now healthy.”

“I now rid my body of all diseases and sickness.”

“I am committed to my health goals and dreams.”

 Manifesting strength

“I am strong and centered, and I believe I can overcome all obstacles.”

“I now have the ideal opportunities in my life to take my dreams to the next level.”

“I free myself from stress.” 

“My courage is bigger than my fear.”

“I make positive choices for myself every day.”

“I free myself from any addiction to ___.”

“I achieve self-discipline.”

 Manifesting your ideal wealth numbers and bank account

“I now have $____ in my bank account.”

“I have now paid off all my debt.”

“I give abundantly to causes I believe in.”

“I am now a millionaire.” 

 Manifesting your ideal weight and health goals

 “I now weigh ___ pounds and live a healthier lifestyle.”

“I am now committed to working out __ times per week, and living a healthy lifestyle.”

“I now achieve my ideal weight and health goals."

 Manifesting self confidence, self esteem and positive thought patterns

“I am confident and deserving.”

 “I choose me always.”

 “I am more than enough.”

 “I am strong and capable.”

 “I can set goals and follow them through.”

 “I have the power to change my life.”

Write down one of these affirmations or your own personal message on a piece of Vision Of Self intention paper and place it inside a piece of VOS jewelry. Buy our most coveted necklaces, the VOS Eternity Necklace or the VOS Icon Necklace which comes with intention papers and reminder cards to write down your intentions, goals and dreams.