4 Tips To Help Manifest Your Goals & Dreams Faster

Are you still typing your goals and dreams in the Notes app on your iPhone? They need to be handwritten. There’s nothing more special or empowering than a handwritten note. Writing down your dreams or goals on Vision Of Self intention papers and Vision Of Self reminder cards helps increase your probability of making them happen or come true. And that's not it. When you wear your handwritten message on intention paper inside your Vision Of Self jewelry, you form a close physical and mental connection that elevates your focus and energy to help you achieve them. 

1. Write down your dreams

As they say: “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” Be specific. Come up with a deadline, or not. You could trust the timing of the universe, or make it a goal that you want to achieve by a certain date. Get excited about your dream, boil it down into one clear sentence. You have a greater chance of achieving your dreams by writing them down in a clear, concise manner. 

2. Engage with them every day

There’s no point in writing down your dream if it’s going to collect dust. You must engage with your dream every single day, and some experts like Napoleon Hill suggest you look at your dream three times a day. Many experts in the coaching field will tell you that the more frequently you look at your goals, the more real they will feel to you, as if they were yours. By looking at your dreams, they’re more than just an ambition, you must visualize how your life will be when you achieve your goals and they become real. Even if you just take one minute in the morning and one minute in the evening to look at your goals written down on VOS reminder cards, do this every day.

Why? It helps you stay focused on making your dreams come true. Focus and connection is key, so you don’t get distracted. This will help strengthen your resolve to make it happen.

That’s why wearing your intention, goals, dreams and visions written down on a piece of VOS intention paper inside your jewelry is an ideal place to keep it. Every time you look in the mirror and see your jewelry, every time you touch it, or someone asks you about it, you are reminded of the goal you have inside – even if it’s private and only for your eyes.

3. Believe it’s possible

If you come up with a goal or dream that seems too impossible to achieve, you are on the right path. Dreaming is to have your head in the sky, so to speak. It’s supposed to be outlandish, over-the-top and as Les Brown would call it “be unreasonable.” Ask any successful entrepreneur and they’ll say “I only wish I dreamed bigger,” as they achieved their goals quicker, and more easily than they had imagined. 

You have to believe that your current circumstance or situation is only temporary. That it’s possible for you to have more, and take the necessary steps to pave your path towards your dreams. VOS helps you empower belief.

4. Take action

You can’t achieve your dreams by just sitting down, or looking at your goals. But you’ll notice something – the more you focus on your positive handwritten messages, an idea on how to act on your dream might pop into your head. In that moment, you must act on it, take steps towards making it come true.

“When you make a committed decision, understand that achieving your goal will happen,” writes Sandy Gallagher, the CEO and Co-Founder of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, which she co-founded with Bob Proctor, an expert interviewed in The Secret

“Live from that place; make it your home because the moment your belief matches any idea or frequency, you fuse with it,” she explains in a blog post on her website. “This union results in the activation and projection of plots, plans, conditions, circumstances, and synchronicities that bring your idea to fruition.”

If you take excited, energetic steps towards making your dreams come true, every action you take sends out a vibe into the world that helps bring your goals and dreams into your life.

As Gallagher says: “The universe is ready to bless you.”