So Simple—So Powerful

How To

1. Decide what to write: Intentions, promises, goals, dreams, notes, positive messages, mantras, words of encouragement, names, dates, questions, prayers, etc.

2. Write it on Vision Of Self Intention Papers: Writing it down provides clarity, focus, and gives life to your thoughts and words—making them concrete, tangible, and 42% more attainable..

3. Embody it with Vision Of Self Jewelry: Let it become a part of you. Carry it inside your piece, creating a meaningful attachment and deep connection to it.

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The Vision Of Self Barrel Locket

Every Vision Of Self jewelry piece features a stylish barrel locket that screws open and closed, serving as a sacred chamber for your personal & private handwritten notes or whatever you choose to write on Vision Of Self intention paper, making each piece of jewelry unique, personalized, and meanngful.

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Intention Papers

5 premium intention papers come with each Vision Of Self piece. Purely personalize your jewelry with intimate and handwritten messages to yourself or someone special.

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Reminder Cards

5 premium reminder cards are included with each Vision Of Self piece. Write down personal notes to self and keep them on your nightstand, desk, or somewhere visible as a connection and reminder of your intentions.

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The Details

Every Vision Of Self jewelry piece includes:

  • Premium gift box with signature ribbon
  • Premium Suede pouch
  • Five (5) Premium intention papers
  • Five (5) Premium reminder cards
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