Not Sure What to Write?

Trying to decide where to focus your energy can be challenging, so figuring out what to write down on your Vision Of Self (VOS) intention paper may be an obstacle unless you have a clear vision already. There’s constantly something we all want, need, or should keep at the top our mindbut sometimes we’re just not sure what to prioritize.

That’s why we recommend you start by thinking about a compelling area in your life that you really want or need to improve (for example your health & wellness, finances, love life). And then ask yourself “how can i best support the life that I’m trying to create” and “what can I do each day to help get there”?

Setting intentions isn’t just about manifesting physical or tangible things into your life either - it's also about how you function internally, your inner health and wealth - mind, body and spirit. These are the things that contribute internally to helping you cultivate the mind, so that you can live the life you imagine.

Perhaps your interest in Vision Of Self is neither internal nor physical, but more about celebrating/keeping special dates, moments or people close to your heart. This can be accomplished by writing an anniversary date, an “I love you” note, meaningful/supportive words of encouragement, or highlighting an unforgettable moment where you or a loved one overcame/achieved something significant (for example, a graduation date or the date that one became sober).

No matter what you decide – keep an open mind as you consider different variables and contemplate what’s most compelling and relevant to you:

To help you think more clearly about your personal needs and desires, and the different variables that shape them, we’ve compiled a list of items that should inspire your thoughts. No matter what – keep an open mind as you consider what's makes the most sense for you, including time frame & urgency, level of significance, format that resonates best with you and more... 

Mind-Body-Spirit | Health | Fitness | Mental | Emotional | Physical | Career | Finances | Love | Self Love | Personal Growth & Purpose | Motivation | Productivity | Relationships | Friendships | Life Values

Intentions | Hopes | Goals | Dreams | Prayers | Gratitude | Affirmations | Mantras | Positive Reminders | Meaningful Notes | Profound Words

Special Moments & Memories | Special People & Names | Special Dates

Time-frame: Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Yearly | Lifetime

Now start writing them down! Research shows that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, if you write them down.